Super Simple Kids Easter Activities

Simple Kids Easter Activties

Looking for last minute Easter activities for your kids? We have you covered with these super simple kids Easter activities!

Egg Color Sorting

My mother gave me some really cute Easter eggs and I couldn’t resist making an activity out of them. 

Color sorting Easter egg kids activity

I know most of us have some sort of Easter eggs around our house these days. This activity took about two minutes to set up.

To set up this activity, cut egg shapes out of colored paper and place some Easter eggs in a basket. (You can find how we made our own basket at our Cardboard Gardening activity). Then have your child match the Easter eggs with the paper eggs.

What You Will Need:

Easter eggs, colored paper, basket


  1. Cut egg shapes out of colored paper
  2. Place Easter eggs in a basket
  3. Have your child sort the Easter eggs to match the paper eggs

Foam Window Bunnies 

Foam bunny window stick kids activity

I don’t know if there is an activity that involves a spray bottle that my kids don’t love.

For this activity, I had my sons spray foam bunnies (found our foam bunnies at a local dollar store) with water and stick them on the window. Simple as that!

Kids sticking foam bunnies to the window with water from a spray bottle

To add more of a learning twist to this activity, you can write numbers on sticky notes and have your child stick that many bunnies on the window. Or to work on colors, you can tell your child a color and have them find it and stick that colored bunny to the window. 

If it is still too cold to play outside where you live, you can make this an indoor activity by wiping the foam bunnies with a wet sponge instead of spraying them with a spray bottle to better contain the mess. 

What you will need:

Foam shapes, spray bottle, window


  1. Have your child spray the foam shapes with water
  2. Have your child stick the foam shapes to the window

Inspired by: Inspiremyplay

Sidewalk Chalk Number Bunnies

Sidewalk chalk numbers kids activity

Again, my boys love anything that involves a spray bottle!

For this activity, I traced the foam bunnies from the Foam Window Bunnies activity and wrote numbers inside each one. 

I then gave my three year old a spray bottle and yelled out numbers. When I would yell out a number, my son would spray that corresponding number. 

What You Will Need:

Sidewalk chalk, spray bottle, foam bunnies (optional)


  1. Trace the foam bunnies with sidewalk chalk
  2. Write numbers inside the bunnies with sidewalk chalk
  3. Give your child a spray bottle
  4. Yell out numbers
  5. Have your child spray the corresponding numbers with the spray bottle

Inspired by: abcdeelearning

Bunny Hide and Seek

Kids hide and seek bunny game

First of all, this fun2play play tray is probably one of my favorite kid products that I own. It is perfect for any activities that can get a little messy, such as painting, sensory play, playdough…

For this Bunny Hide and Seek activity, I began by dying rice multiple colors. You can find directions on how to do this at our Spring Sensory Bin activity.

Next, I taped the foam bunnies to our play tray. 

After the bunnies were taped down, I covered them with the colored rice. 

To play, I gave my son a paint brush and had him brush the rice around to find the bunnies.

What You Will Need:

Colored rice, foam bunnies, tape, play tray/bin, paint brush


  1. Dye rice (Directions here)
  2. Tape foam bunnies to the play tray
  3. Cover the foam bunnies with the colored rice
  4. Give your child a paintbrush and have them brush the rice around to find the bunnies

Inspired by: raising_red_heads

I hope you enjoy these super simple kids Easter activities and have a wonderful Easter!

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Samantha Laycock
3 years ago

We love foam bunnies. You can do so much with them.

forever my little moon

We have chalk! I’ll have to try doing the chalk bunnies this Easter!

3 years ago

These are all fun ideas. It is nice to have some activities to keep the kids busy over break!

Charina Rasing
3 years ago

These are very easy and fun. Even my toddler can do these. I have chalks so I’ll start with that.

Mindy Jones Blog
3 years ago

How fun! Great ideas! 😊

Witty Millennial Mama
3 years ago

I like how this activity is fun to do yet educational. Help the kids to learn numbers in a fun way!

Rupali Paul
3 years ago

That seems like fun activity

3 years ago

These look like so much fun for Easter Day.

3 years ago

Such easy yet fun activities for the kiddos

3 years ago

So many cute ideas

3 years ago

I will definitely do this with my son

Sonia Seivwright
3 years ago

Aww, what a fan activity.

3 years ago

These are all such cute activities! I love the colors of those eggs. Great ways to keep kids occupied over spring break!

3 years ago

I love the bunny chalk drawings. How cute.

3 years ago

such cute fun ideas for the kiddos

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