6 Monster Activities

Collage showing completed monster crafts for kid's activities

Monster activities are probably most popular near Halloween, but around our house they are a hit anytime. My oldest son went through a phase about a year ago, at age 2, where he was absolutely obsessed with monsters. He had a pair of monster pajamas that he refused to take off and he loved any activity that I created that involved monsters.

I have absolutely no idea where this interest came from, but I love to encourage anything that he seems passionate about so we went through a phase where we did A LOT of monster activities. I actually found that I really enjoyed creating these monsters as well. Even though he isn’t quite as obsessed with monsters anymore, I still enjoy throwing in a monster activity here and there because they are so fun and cute to make. So, here are 6 monster activities for you and your kids to try at home.

Build A Monster

Completed repurposed monster craft using toilet paper rolls and ready for kid's to play with

Who doesn’t love a good toilet paper/ paper towel roll activity? My favorite parts about this activity are how easy it is to set up and how it is made out of all repurposed household items. My son enjoyed making a variety of silly looking monsters. 

What you will need: paper towel roll, paper towel stand, construction paper, marker, scissors, glue


1. Cut paper towel roll into pieces (I cut ours into 7 pieces)

2. Draw monster parts on paper towel roll pieces or cut them out of paper and glue them on 

3. Have your child stack the pieces of paper towel roll onto the stand to create their own monster!

Inspired by: Happytotshelf

Monster Dentist

Monster Dentist demonstrating completed repurposed craft for kid's activities with toothbrush and marker pen for kids to play with.

This activity is not only cute, but it is a great way to practice teeth brushing and opens up an opportunity to discuss the importance of brushing your teeth. It is also a perfect activity to save for Halloween because you can use the seeds from all of your pumpkin carving!

Kid playing with the completed repurposed monster craft. Using a toothbrush on the monster's teeth

What you will need: cardboard, paint (I used acrylic paint), pumpkin seeds, dry erase marker, toothbrush, cup of water, hot glue gun

Note: If I were to make this again, I would cover the cardboard with contact paper to make it more waterproof and reusable


1. Paint a monster onto a piece of cardboard

2. Use a hot glue gun to glue pumpkin seeds onto the monster’s mouth

3. Use a dry erase marker to color on the “monster’s teeth”

4. Have child dip the toothbrush in the water and use it to brush the monster’s teeth clean.

Inspired by: Miami_skye

Monster Ball Toss

Completed monster craft showing how to reuse poster board and household items for kid's activities

This fun kid activity can be used for multiple educational purposes. It is not only a great way to work on gross motor skills, but it can also be a fun way to practice counting and color identification. I had my son count how many balls he could throw in. For a child learning colors, you could ask them to throw a particular color ball into the monster’s mouth. 

Kid playing with repurposed monster craft and throwing balls into monster's face and into laundry basket.

What you will need: poster board, laundry basket, paper, marker, scissors, tape, balls


1. Create a monster by drawing the monster’s outline and cutting it out of the poster board. Use the marker and paper to add fun details to complete you personal monster. 

2. Tape the monster to a laundry basket

3. Have your child throw the ball through the monster’s mouth

4. To encourage learning, have your child count as they throw the balls into the monster’s mouth or have your child throw a specific color of ball

Monster Eye Scoop

A completed craft of a monster and googly eyes and ready for kid's to play with

This activity was a complete success with my son. We did it at least 10 times. It is a fun way to work on fine motor scooping skills.

Child playing with monster googly eye craft

What you will need: contact paper, construction paper, scissors, marker, googly eyes, water, bowl, food coloring


1: Create a monster out of construction paper

2. Cover both sides of the monster with contact paper (this makes it water proof!)

3. Fill a bowl with water and add a couple drops of food coloring of your choosing

4. Put googly eyes into the water

5. Have your child scoop the googly eyes out of the water with a spoon and place them onto the monster

6. To encourage learning, have your child count the googly eyes as they place on the monster

Inspired by: activ.lit

Create A Monster (dry erase)

Completed monster craft showing how to draw faces on the dish and wipe the face off the monster.

This is a great activity to let your child’s creativity shine. There is no right or wrong way to make a monster!

Child playing with repurposed monster craft. Kid is showing how to draw on monster faces on the activity.

We used this activity multiple ways:

1. I let my son draw his own monster details

2. I drew the monster parts and he told me where to draw them

3. I drew monster parts out of identifiable shapes (triangles, squares…) and then had my son identify the shapes

Child playing with repurposed monster craft. Kid is showing how to wipe off monster faces with activity.

What you will need: glass pan, paper, marker, tape, dry erase markers, scissors


1. Cut a piece of paper to fit inside of pan

2. Draw the body of a monster on the paper (Just draw the body outline. Your child will get to add all of the fun details later.)

3. Tape the piece of paper to the bottom, inside of the pan

4. Use the dry erase markers to create monsters again and again

Monster Truck Monster Bowling

Completed repurposed monster bowling kid activity. Shows how to reuse bottles and monster truck toys.

You can’t go wrong with combining monsters AND monster trucks. These pop bottle monsters actually ended up being used for an entire morning of activities (battling, rolling them down the ramp, making up stories where they were our friends…)

Kid playing with monster trucks and repurposed monster bottles. Monster truck is bowling down the ramp.

What you will need: pop bottles, paper, maker, tape, cardboard box, monster trucks


1. Cut paper to fit around 6 pop bottles

2. Draw a monster face on each piece of paper

3. Tape paper around each pop bottle

4. Cut out a flat section of paper box

6. Lean cardboard against a surface like a couch to make a ramp

7. Set up pop bottle like bowling pins at the end of the ramp

8. Have your child roll monster trucks down the ramp to knock over the pop bottle monsters

Variations: if your child is older, have them keep score of how many bottles they were able to knock down with the monster truck. Practice counting, subtraction, and/or adding with the bottles you knock down.

If you would like to see more of my Monster Crafts use the Instagram link below.

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