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Family costume ideas for Halloween

After taking the summer off from blogging and Instagram, I am excited to be back to it and to share some of our favorite Halloween family costumes. I decided to take the summer off because firstly, we do a lot of unplanned outside play that just isn’t blog or Instagram worthy, and secondly, we are excited to announce that baby #3 is expected to arrive in February. First trimester took all my extra energy but we feel so blessed to be bringing another baby into our family. 

pregnancy announcement

As summer comes to an end, I am so excited for all things fall, including Halloween! I absolutely love Halloween (something that seems to have been passed down to my three year old). One part of Halloween that I love is creating family costumes. This year my son wants to be Batman and have his little brother be Robin. I plan on turning their wagon into a Batmobile. I haven’t finished their Batmobile yet, but I wanted to share some of our family costumes from past years. Unfortunately they were made before I created a blog so I didn’t take step by step pictures of how to make them, but most of them were made out of a couple of my favorite things…cardboard and duct tape. 

Chicken Coop

DIY baby Halloween costume for stroller

The first Halloween as a family of three, I turned my son’s stroller into a chicken coop. I did this by duct taping two boxes together around the stroller. 

Chicken coop stroller costume

My husband and I then dressed as a cowboy and a cowgirl by wearing flannel shirts and bandanas. 

Chicken coop farm family costume

I eventually finished off the chicken coop by adding a little roof. 

stroller Halloween costume farm theme

Baby Shark

Baby shark family costume

For my son’s second Halloween I decided to not go the cardboard route. At the time, I was very, very pregnant (due the week of Halloween). Instead, we dressed my son as Baby Shark (he loved the song at the time). Then, I had “daddy shark” and “mommy shark” sweatshirts made for me and my husband. I now have a Cricut and can now make my own shirts. Highly recommend getting a Cricut if you love to craft!

Daddy shark shirt

Beware Of Monsters

DIY monster kids costume

Last year my oldest son was absolutely obsessed with all things monsters. I love to create costume themes around my kids’ interests so I turned their wagon into a “Beware of monsters” cage. To create the cage I used a large box, duct tape, and chicken wire

DIY wagon Halloween costume for kids

I am so excited for Halloween and would love to hear about some of your favorite DIY costumes!

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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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