Toilet Paper Roll Sheep

Toilet paper sheep kids craft. Made of toilet paper rolls and pillow stuffing

I am not sure if these are one of those things that are so ugly that they are cute, or if they are just really cute, but either way I’m in love with these little toilet paper roll sheep. 

This is a fun craft for you and your kids to work on together! Plus they are fun to play with once they are made. 

How We Made These Toilet Paper Roll Sheep:

First, I prepped this craft by drawing and cutting out sheep heads that were slightly larger than the circle of the toilet paper roll. Next, I cut out the legs. I shaped them to fit on the toilet paper roll by standing the toilet paper roll up and tracing half of the circle portion, creating a half circle at the top part of the legs. Then I decorated the faces and legs and hot glued them onto the toilet paper roll. 

Steps to create toilet paper roll sheep kids craft

Next, I had my son join me with the crafting. I put lines of glue on the toilet paper roll and gave my son stuffing from an old pillow to place on the glue. This created the fluffiness of the sheep.

As you may notice from the picture, my son participated in this craft as he sat on the couch. I wanted to fit a quick craft in before my one year old woke up from his nap, so silly me tried to convince my three year old to do a craft instead of watching his after nap show. The best I could do was convince him to do the craft while watching his show at the same time. 

After the sheep were created, my sons both enjoyed playing with them. My one year old loved snuggling them. My three year old created his own activity where he would put one of our wooden numbers on the sheep and then stacked that many pom poms on the sheep. 

Kids playing with toilet paper roll sheep craft

Completed kids craft of toilet paper roll sheep

What You Will Need:

Toilet paper roll, cardboard (I used a cereal box), pen, hot glue gun, stuffing (I used stuffing from an old pillow)


  1. Draw and cut out the heads of the sheep. Make them slightly larger than the circle of the toilet paper roll
  2. Draw and cut out the legs of the sheep. To create the legs to fit onto the toilet paper roll, trace the curve of the toilet paper roll, creating a half circle for the top of the legs
  3. Draw details on the faces and legs of the sheep
  4. Hot glue the head and legs onto the toilet paper roll
  5. Have child glue stuffing onto the sheep
  6. Enjoy playing with your new toilet paper sheep!

Inspired by: play_and_learn_with_rhys

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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.

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Kelly from Kelly's Classroom Online

Adorable! It reminds me about what they say about March… ‘In like a lion and out like a lamb.’

Madhumitha prasannan
3 years ago

These sheeps are soo cute! What a great way to recycle toilet paper rolls

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